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Converting classroom teaching to online activities | $55
This recording examines key principles in blended learning and will help you determine which aspects of your classroom practice can enliven blended delivery models.
Digital learning for low literacy students | $55
This recording captures the discussion of multi-literacy, and shares some resources and current thinking around approaches to the teaching and learning of literacy with technology.
Emerging trends in learning | $55
This recording presents a big picture look at how and why teaching and learning are changing, and provides a clear sense of how to maintain an innovative, productive edge on learning and assessment design and delivery
How to source and use multimedia in your teaching practice | $55
This recording shows how to straighten out the maze by introducing sources of video, images and audio that are affordable or free. It also covered how to attribute your use of online resources and how to edit them so they work for learning purposes.

Essentials for building industry relationships to improve business |$55
This recording explores the know-how of industry relationships - how to shape them for mutual benefit, how to keep them lively over the long term, and how to manage them efficiently.
Are you copyright compliant? - An RTO's guide to educational statutory licences | $55
This recording explains how copyright works in education. The webinar was presented by the Copyright Agency which is responsible for managing Australia's Educational Statutory Licence scheme.
Compliance and auditing of online courses | $55
This recording captures the conversation and invites participants to examine what differentiates online delivery from face-to-face delivery. We identify online delivery and assessment characteristics that auditors look for and consider how to incorporate them into course design.
Copyright for the new educator | $55
This webinar recording takes away the uncertainty about copyright in education. From this recording you will take away a clear understanding of how to use copyright material confidently and appropriately.
Designing assessment tools for clustered units | $55
This recording explores strategic approaches to assessment for clustered units. It identifies the fundamentals - keeping good assessment design simple, avoiding over-assessment and repetition, yet still collecting the necessary evidence.
Grading in a competency framework | $55
This recording captured the debate about competence and grading. It explains the differences, and steps out valid and reliable approaches for both assessing competency and allocating a grade.
How to conduct successful validation to meet audit requirements | $55
This recording distinguishes validation from moderation, and establishes a strategic framework for integrating validation and assessment design. It also reviews a framework with what internal and external auditors are looking for.
How to construct an effective assessment tool | $55
This recording strips down an assessment tool into its component parts. The function of each part is examined, along with how to assemble a working version that supports teachers to fulfil their responsibilities, is clear to students, and meets audit expectations.
How to create effective marking guides and rubrics | $55
The recording captures the thinking behind the characteristics of effective rubrics, and outlines how to take rubrics online.
Immersive assessment in the VET context - Demonstration of competence | $55
This recording explores immersive assessment which aligns learning goals with a learner’s personal experience. Immersive assessment designs transform teaching practice and student learning by re-imagining real world problems as problem-solving opportunities that drive learning.
Introduction to assessment mapping | $55
Valid, reliable assessment in fundamental to effective competency based training, and to maintaining learner and employer confidence in the VET system. This recording makes explicit the links between competency standards and assessment methods.
Making sense of the national VET system | $55
This recording provides an overview of the system, government policy, training packages, how the system is regulated, and how to located learning, teaching and assessment resources.
Mapping assessments through a compliance lens | $55
This recording helps you get the most from mapping. It draws effective links between assessment design and mapping, and offers tested methods for documenting mapping. Participants were encouraged to share their mapping dilemmas and identify paths through them.
RPL - the devil in the detail | $55
This recording uncovers the devilish (compliance) detail that needs to be considered when offering and processing RPL.
Streamlined assessments - Assessing more with less | $55
This recording untangles the many threads of assessment design. We consider key design elements including unravelling a unit of competency, efficient task design, and how to structure an assessment task so that robust evidence is secured.
Understanding the rules of evidence | $55
This recording unpacks the rules applying to each dimension (valid, sufficient, authentic and current), and explains how to demonstrate you've applied the rules in your assessment design and practice. It looks at examples that miss the point, and those that capture the right kind of evidence.
Understanding the volume of learning requirements | $55
This webinar teases out the dilemmas of 'volume of learning' and helps planners develop a defensible argument' for the volume of learning they attribute to a qualification and each unit within that qualification.
Using Google apps to manage compliance requirements | $55
This recording explores and explains Google apps – what they do and how they can make a big difference to RTO compliance management and continuous improvement.

How to flip a classroom - Design and delivery basics | $55
This recording surveys the creating and sharing of flipped resources that promote critical thinking and engaged learning.
Identify and deal with learner mental health issues | $55
With the guidance of a skilled mental health professional and educator, the webinar opened up conversations about mental health and learning. It recorded the teacher's role in building learning capability and effective responses for assisting students who are distressed.
Teaching strategies for challenging behaviours | $55
This recording presents experiences of challenging behaviours, unpacks what gives rise to them, and repacks them with management strategies that support change.